A glimpse of Japan’s suicide forest!


In a distant past, I remember an incident that made me want to write something about this ethereal forest from Japan. I have been reading countless pages and links about the Aokigahara Forest located in the base of Mt. Fuji in the Yamanashi Prefecture and wondered how and why a lot wanted to have the final walk here. In the book of Wataru Tsurumi, The Complete Manual of Suicide,he named Aokigahara as the perfect place to die. Oh well? What actually made this forest a final, homing place for the depressed and the lonesome? I wish I knew! But photographer Tomasz Lazar captured the grim essence of the forest in black and white, the uneven sinister ground and some discarded belongings of the long departed.There are haunting folklore surrounding the mystery of the forest and some stories goes back from a long ago where people practiced ubasute, the practice of bringing the sick or the elderly to a remote forest where they are left to die. In 2004 alone, the suicide forest claims 108 lives! A number of suicide cases continues not long until the government began hiring people to patrol the notorious place and intercept anyone who might not look like a tourist or a back packer on a hike!If you are a tourist and eager to see and feel the last walk of those who die here there is only one good advice for you. Stay on the trails or better yet, do not enter farther than twenty steps. 🙂 because the easiest way to get lost is to enter a dense forest with a multitude of small caves like the Aokigahara. Aokigahara Forest is now coined as one of the 10 most creepy place on Earth to visit because of its notoriety as a popular suicide spot in Japan. It’s a good thing that the government of Japan has put up measures to discourage suicide. Aside from watchmen, there are signs along the forests that says ” Think of your family” or ” Life is a Gift”.bestpickr.com/creepy-places

Source: A glimpse of Japan’s suicide forest!


Age of Termites


Two decades ago, in a farmhouse near a river.Stood a tree, aged but majestic in proportionand the farmhouse, though quaint and full of litter.is a gem, oh so precious! It will set you on motion.I visit the farmhouse everyday and lie under the treeTo only not listen to the sound of how the river singbut also to read a book, a good book each day.For free!Because the farmhouse is a haven that kept all good a thing!I dream and create stories under the moonlight,with a book on one hand and mama on the side.She will make me a bed of grass every summer nightwhen the moon is perfect round and a nightingale cried.The memories are vivid even after twenty years agoWhen I saw a lone termite crawling up a shelf.I talk to the termite, soft as i could, to find a place to goTo build a  castle far, far away from my book shelf.Two decades gone and the lovely tree is also gone.The farmhouse, a skeletal frame of distant memories,and the books, my precious books! is a dust of disintegrationand the remains of the lone termite, king of miseries!

Source: Age of Termites

The versatile white radish!


Rain hasn’t stopped for weeks and farmers from nearby farms need to harvest all their root crops in order to preserve the authentic flavors of their produce. A colorful variety of root vegetables are in season this time of year. Aside from sweet potatoes which are a staple in the highlands, white radishes or Daikon  are also in season. With only 40 pesos a kilo you can already save a lot in a day’s food. My husband used this root vegetable in so many ways! From its leaves to flowers nothing goes to waste! White radish tasted so good in milk fish stew (bangus sinigang) or in a salmon if available in the market. It is a perfect alternative to green leafy vegetables when the latter doesn’t come in handy. My eldest son love it stir fried with fresh prawns or mussels with lots of tomatoes. I have known an old neighbor once who wanted it pickled! But my favorite is making it into a salad with onions, tomatoes and pan roasted anchovies. Yum!White radish or Diakon or Raphanus Sativus is known for its many health benefits. It can combat bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It is can also help cure jaundice, aids in weight loss and piles! What a really versatile root crop!Here’s what you need to make this tasty White Radish Salad. Some people usually do not want to eat this salad in the morning or in the evening because of its seemingly quite strong pungent flavor that lingers in the mouth even after brushing! 🙂 3 pieces large white radish, peeled and sliced thinly3 large tomatoes, sliced1 onion, sliced1 tbsp. rock salt½ cup roasted anchovies6 pieces calamondin (Phil. lime) juice strained (lemon can also be used depending on availability in a certain region)Spring onion (optional)In a bowl, mix salt and thinly sliced white radish using your hands. Squeeze and discard extra juice. Add all the remaining ingredients. Mix well and serve.

Source: The versatile white radish!

One hearty weekend with Chicken!


It is a date. It was decided! I now mark Saturday, four Saturdays in every month as a sumptuous, festive day to look forward to. There was nothing really relevant to celebrate of the day except that it is weekend and, it is only on weekends that family members gather. That includes my two teenage boys who are studying in the city.It is an idea that spark a light bulb when one good friend named Edgar posted hefty volumes of food recipes and links on my face book timeline a month ago and, the more acceptable reality; our common desire to discover palatable, healthy and uncommon mixes of vegetable and fruit drinks, to create a distinct but a delicious twist to conventional menus that would excite our taste buds!Our humbly small dirty kitchen was made decent the first time! Noisy tatters, frequent hush hush goes in sync with the clumsy pots and pans. Everything are in motion. Me, our friend Edgar and the boys!On our first Saturday dinner feast, my friend chooses white meat, preferable chicken with which he cooked with only a few ingredients. I added a lesser menu tuna ala king and a light custard cake to top it all! It didn’t go off smoothly as first attempts always are. I forgot to bring the good old wine to the table! But the Soy Garlic Chicken was an instant hit!Here is the what you need to make this tasty chicken dish.1 whole chicken, cut into desired pieces1 tablespoon salt1 teaspoon black ground pepper1/2 cup soy sauce1 cup honey1 cloves garlic, crushed2 cups oil for frying (choose a healthier one)Coat chicken cuts with salt and pepper, let stand for a 5 minutes.Heat oil in a deep frying pan and fry chicken until golden brown.In another pan, mix soy sauce, honey and garlic then bring to boil. Simmer until quite smooth but not too watery. Add the fried chicken. Coat well with sauce and transfer to a platter. Serve hot.

Source: One hearty weekend with Chicken!




the screaming, vivid illusion
of life, up the painted sky
a mystic I held in confusion
till I cry and my eyes go dry.

waves are calm and tranquil
no ominous rhythm in the air
but not this heart, so damn fragile
and not this eyes with stupid tear.

crazy is in this cold, old town
while bees keep on buzzing
and birds are singing till sundown
geckos frolic in the shade, mating.

the wild circle of fun goes on
as desperation sets to explode
and dusk creeps on the horizon
this desolate soul rises to forebode!

Spirit is here!


Spirit is here!

cool breeze teasing
a tender whisper
in the strike of morning
as I lay awake in somber.

church bell’s calling
seeking lost, forlorn spirit,
as a new day is dawning
with a promise to light, to lit.

Yes! the mood turned vibrant
where it was once so dull.
as we wonder how brilliant!
this season brings to us all!

stars are brightly shining
atop every Christmas tree
while silver bells are ringing
singing with joy for you and for me.

twinkling lights, booming sound,
Ho, hoo! holiday starts with a blast
with laughter and smiles abound
Merry Christmas is here at last!






Once I’ve met a pauper on stick

Draped in shiny, glitzy robe.

In high heels that say tik tak tik!

Nothing to eat but…dope?



The painted face, sagging skin

Droopy eyes, crooked nose

A mismatch to pointed chin

And smeared lipstick in blood rose.



Here’s now, trend or outrageous

Blackberry, iPhone or waffle dog?

Got the phone, ignored the sumptuous

And live life like a stray dog.



Have we run out of better choices?

Have the world gone so mad?

So to satisfy our aching senses

we forget God and glorify fad.


Once I’ve met a century old man

Clad in rags, not a stick, not a shoe,

no house, and drinks in a rusty can.

But still thankful, God gave him no foe.